numinit: Who -- or what is the Underking? Canon or not, my two cents is that MC is completely right, and Tamriel is just another, albeit very special, realm of Oblivion. ONTOLOGICA CHIMERA (a homage to Jorge Luis Borges' Argumentum Ornithologicum. Hell naw, they're just too damn pretty to die. That CAN'T be right" and "This period in history doesn't make logistical sense and/or is just too muddled and unlovely in description". Regarding CHIM being pronounced Kim, like a girl's name (10/27/07). There's been a rocketship in High Rock since we wrote the PGE. HEY GUYS, THAT WAS FUN. By creating the equivalent of an Nu-class Mnemolic, shrinking it instantaneously via a creatia tesseract array, and then projecting the resulting moth-talk well to a nil-point just outside the ego’s hull, an ASSN can slingshot the Paravant into era-streams without the needed energies of nearby aetheric bodies or shockpoint application. The most famous of these, of course, is Gwylim Press’ own “Frontier, Conquest, and Accomodation,” which portrays the Nedics as a Mannish race indigenous to Tamriel, extant and flourishing long before the arrival of Ysgramor’s ancestors. The largesse of the Nords towards their ancient enemies is one of my favorite ideas coming out of Red Year. "None shall survive" has been a calling card for awhile, but that was only a hint to the more extensive "Nothing will survive. And not in the Doctor Who fashion, where of course he works with it, no matter how crazy, because Doctor Who is a Chaotic Fun crazy junkie who actively seeks out such situations (and God bless him for it). The initial outline art is already too gorgeous to behold with your stupid human faces. A deeper meaning is meant, too, but not very many laymen bother with that. Caspus: Might not be exactly a proper question, but I'm nowhere near as versed in some of the deeper lore stuff as some people in this thread are. Why are so many robots traveling back in time (Pelinal, KINMUNE)? From Totemic Traditions in Atmoran Culture. (you can ignore it if you want). Discuss the site and Elder Scrolls topics. As above, so below, and that's how you do it. The rest of the Army hated them (and much of the Elder Council wanted them dispersed), which is mainly why they were shoved off to places like Morrowind. ", Unless, of course, there's a loophole. More like a Telescope that stretches all the way back to the Eye of the Anui-El, with Padomaics innumerable along its infinite walls. TEA3: Paradise Sugar (which was totally meant to sound like a JRPG title; the idea was that every third installment was extra alien), What is the wine-knife referenced in Shor Son of Shor? Thalmor button is pressed. What do you think about mixing fantasy and sci-fi? He performs the verse to a crowd of secret Talos worshipers. Anyone who would go there would know they are not faring in ingame sources. We planned three of them. I have a few questions of my own, and I have also been asked to carry questions for people who are unable to make it. (09/07/14). Because TES has the coolest cosmics. These are a few notable comments from Michael Kirkbride on The Elder Scrolls setting. For these examples, let's remove any mythical forces associated with the Underworld, nature, Oblivion, the Moons, Magnus, etc. Second of all...what birthed concepts like CHIM and Amaranth? Also, Martin mantled Akatosh and dragon-[censored] Dagon silly, so his outlook on time in quite unlike our own. The UESPWiki – Your source for The Elder Scrolls since 1995, ", I prefer, "It is very possible, as is the case throughout this magical world, that some of the exaggerated claims made about some subjects pale in comparison to the Monkey Truth. Finally, thanks for showing up, and here’s hoping for a mighty fine shindig. It's the flowering of a statehood where the images you give birth to in your dream-- stolen (?) One reason for its bouncing order was that, after handing out sections as written, and slowly watching it congeal into a whole, the idea of "saving the best for last" ended up being more of a hope than what really happened. "It's difficult to accuse someone of being wrong for asking the theoretical question "Is it possible, as is the case throughout this game, that some of the writings we find are exaggerated"? the farmer that uses the rake. Was also... technically difficult. The Red Dome Templars were psycho-crusaders who drank the blood of Talos to get short-term martial shouting powers. It was therefore too fun not to add some orichalc into Yokuda's background. Imagine the Oblivion realm of Attribution's Share, for example, with eight powerful daedra (one of which is Boethiah) wielding divine power over their realm, and all their subjects bound to the whims of that power; now imagine it under an ur-theology and creation myth(s) as complicated as anything on Tamriel, where the myriad mortals of Nirn were, to the denizens of the Eight Divines of Attribution's Share, in fact, "daedra". Ysmir R Cuz it just works like that. Whether or not it contributed to the sinking of the land isn't for me to say, but the Yoku and the Left-Handed Elves certainly did fight a lot, so you can be sure the Tower had a part to play in their wargames. I know you've done a lot of unpaid creative work set in the Elder Scrolls universe (C0DA being an imminent example), but what other universes do you like to play in? Plus dark elf ninjas because dark elf ninjas. On the Elder Scroll that the Grey Fox altered in TESIV: Oblivion (08/01/14). I don't remember Huna's gender being specified. 600 years (long into the next era); after its passing the world suffered through dark times. Kurt had relocated to Colorado at the time (he moved back to Beth some time later) and didn’t like the name change, slight as it was. Cyrodiil (and Tamriel) is thereafter under the rule of the Akaviri Potentate, until the assassination of Savirien-Chorak. Designerspeak: I am aware of the tremendous amount of fan fiction devoted to Ebonarm (Dreadlord and such). In addition, Kirkbride wrote dozens of the series' in-universe books. Plus it's just a neat-looking, neat-sounding word. The Atmorans, who were the progenitors of the Nordic race, were said to be originally both large and intelligent. The diamond stayed on long enough to meet with a Dominion ambassador. Origins. So, my take is most of you know or have atleast heard of the infamous Michael Kirkbride and his work such as the 36 Lessons of Vivec. The distinction between Gods and Daedra in Tamrielic cultures (04/10/99). The Eight Limbs (and their Missing Ninth) have always, always made sure there was a loophole. Skyrim is available on PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation VR. Ruma gave birth to herself, and her father was the father. And some folks— cough, Todd, cough— thought this was probably needlessly complicated but Kurt and Ken were like yeah but Morrowind is kinda like that already so who cares. Gamespeak: Ebonarm, as I recall, is a Yokudan deity, or group of deities that share the same designation. That's the interwebs for you and good luck with it. Voila: Warrior form. In fact, they were created by Vivec to hunt Dreughs during a time-lost campaign against the Altmer of the sea. Who conquers Tamriel in the Second Era? The key feature of Daggerfall, as in all The Elder Scrolls games, is the freedom the game offers to players. Are all the guar dead after the Red Year? Given the ridiculous amount of staggeringly amazing content you've given us, its only natural that discussion breathes life into wonderfully varied and insightful opinions. And thousands of years of Good Coming From Bad, and/or whitewash, ignorance, shame, his Song being read by the Knights merely as fancy rather than right record, etc, might explain the Order's reluctance to villify or apologize for him. I like Kirkbride, when he worked for Bethesda. "The Prophet of Landfall," a birthday gift for Kurt Kuhlmann: He has come down from the mountains, the chitin of his belly segments freshly painted in Faith. The mariners on this voyage would send back for the rest of their House when they had found whatever this "face" was. Children of liberty without end, and then the music lives forever as a pirate radio tuned against the rules of Heaven and the vulgarities of Hell. If he wasn't there, 90% of Dunmer culture probably wouldn't exist as it does now. As one small voice within this community, I am ridiculously excited to get the chance to pick your brain. Porcelain armor has exactly the exoticness that seems appropriate to the stone-worshipping people of the Hammerfell. Ex. (07/29/05). The second era, however, technically ‘ends’ with the death of Reman III, 212 years later. Ken was responsible for the MQ in MW, so that's part of it. Oh and you kick ass, specifically for doing this and just in general. I then took it and went all Al Gore and turned it into the internet. Is the Mane the third moon, and if so, did the Ayelids know this? Was awesome idea. The world of mortals will be over. Vivec's gift of "my head for an hour" wasn't an innuendo. They're all girls' names. Afterwards, it would've become a haunted forest nation, closed off by both the Dominion and the Empire. Fun! Tiber Septim conquers Tamriel at the end of the second era, and begins the Third Empire (and the third era). To put a stake in the sand: the men and women of Yokuda and their descendants, most popularly the Redguards, are human. Start with this rake within these limits. Sounds like a scroll case. Well, that’s not true, I knew the reason this memory returned to me there in my leaning, but I was afraid to realize it into words until now. The copies are powerful artifacts, to be sure. That's a good little hidden bit that I don't want to ruin. K&K's shorthand for dragons very early on were 'biological time machines powered by ideologies'. The line changed from something like "a hoplite who Pelinal often shared a tent with at night" to "a hoplite who Pelinal loved well". On November 3, 2013, the following Ask Me Anything took place at the r/teslore subreddit. That he went on a sleepless amphetamine binge. That post of mine was just a sarcasm of an old player to make the likes of me smile to the question the OP asked in this thread. Would you care to offer some insight on what a more accurate aspiration for the Thalmor's realization of their goals would be, insomuch as it's even possible to write in a sufficiently concise and cryptic manner for an organization that operates on bureaucratically-saturated information overload in more or less everything they do? On writing Mankar Camoran's final speech (06/17/06). hircine1: Thanks for your continuing work into the lore. To do so would be antithetical to their very existence. On a "mer" name for the Left Hand Elves (03/22/14). On Nerevar's face being the Indoril helm: The Indoril masks were official, and they each depicted his true visage. Furthermore, the human eras do not conveniently begin and end with a single empire each time. Hello there, I'm writing some ES Lore article and I didn't found some informations that I need.. What does a Warspore look like? At what point did you first realize/decide that you wanted to keep writing in the Elder Scrolls series, especially in the more esoteric sections? Could speak to the process of creating lore(is there are overarching plan, or is it create-as-you-go), and if/how you are still involved in it? My internet was down earlier when this was active, but he may still answer a few questions later. On the "marriage" between Vivec and Molag Bal (06/14/05). This realm would be surrounded by the Void, just like Tamriel, in turn surrounded by Aetherius, and who's to say that the big hole known as the Sun doesn't hit their shores, as well? Michael Kirkbride and TES Lore . And for the last time (uh huh), Nedes != Atmorans. A place to discuss and ask questions about anything related to the Elder Scrolls lore. Apparemment, Il continue à travailler sur le monde des Elder Scrolls pour lui-même (C0da en est un exemple) et, à ma connaissance, il n'y a aucun moyen de savoir si ce qu'il a créé depuis a été utilisé par Beth pour le développement de ses jeux ultérieurs (Oblivion, Skyrim et ESO). (07/14/14). That said, when I started writing Redguard I really thought about how unique the black people of Tamriel were: they came in and kicked ass and slaughtered the indigenes while doing so. Seems to be the best answer when you remember the idea of Lorkhan being the rhythm due to the Doom Drum and what not. No way. To transcend it? It also bears reminding here that no one asked for a PGE during Redguard's pre-dev cycle. sacrilege! Was Duadeen half-Akaviri, as asserted by the Five Hundred Companions? Given the open nature of TES PCs, I felt that it was fine to keep it open to interpretation. Also, what's a typical routine for penning a big work like the Lessons? Skeleton. They spoke of [first shape] in side-language, mad by having to speak at all, for word is meat...[text lost]... and [they] told us that if we did not hurry and make up neganyms for our whole language then they would remove the Remover, for that is what we wanted to call [first shape]. What's up with the Blue Star itself? Just how many gods would you have to govern acknowledge those? That said, the God Time (whose very name is contradictory) before it cannot accurately be measured by mortal perception. These are a few notable comments from Michael Kirkbride on The Elder Scrolls setting. On the Oblivion rumors of Argonians being called back to Black Marsh (09/07/08). No wonder it's hard to retain CHIM. Banned. In hindsight, probably a lot of it was wankery, but it was the first world-building that went beyond the Iliac Bay (the progenitors of Arena were almost gone to a man, so we didn't have their notes, so forgive any bad memory or perceived "lack of documentation"), and it was impossible to stop. The Landfall != the associated events of The Infernal City. Editor's note: The following excerpts come from their lengthier versions in The Aldudaggavelashadingas, or "The Songs of Dragon and Dagon"; they are shortened here, as is the title of their parent volume. What's the origin of their name? What are Nix-Hounds? GOTTA RUN, BUT WE'LL DO IT AGAIN. TYPHOID MAREE would love to show tangible support of your work, and asks: ginja_ninja: People around here seem to have convinced themselves that the ultimate goal of the Thalmor is to "end Creation by destroying the Towers." (09/23/14). In fact, he said those words during the dragon-[censored] fight and you only remembered them later, a comforting memory that the Jills mended back into your timeline. Yagrum: In a pocket real called Plot Device. The Warrior is the combined version of Forager and Worker. And then mourn. That's my list, and pretty much in that order. Why was Trinimac left behind on Mundus when Auri-El ascended to Aetherius? Read the Direnni Tower section in the PGE very carefully. The Dwemer are special in their views. The “First Empire of Skyrim” is somewhat of a fabrication. The Alessian Order was a hugely influential religious sect in the First Era which preached strict monotheism. They do not know it yet, those millions that work, rule, and commit their countless sins out there in the cradle of all written history, but he will save them. When Mankar's voice came back to him and he could speak fire, is this Thu'um or something more along the lines of the power in his words, similar to Vivec's poetry in that the words carry the weight of reality itself? And the very idea of them. The second era begins with the assassination of the last of Reman’s heirs. I explored Nirn extensively, and occasionally I would stumble upon a book or note that would really go beyond the immediate game world and delve mysteriously into the lore-but would end up leaving me much more confused(and intrigued...). Ex: A bard, knowing the "cracking diamond effect", attempts to describe the symbol in verse, to avoid the physical danger. which completely ran contrary to all my analysis. Then think of the various ways the Sun would affect the Weather/Eyeball/BodyClock/Agriculture/TheShineOfASingleDewdropBeforeAnImportantDuel. Bonelord concept art by Michael Kirkbride (Morrowind). First the lore one; what caused Vivec's duality? Short version: any attempt to draw the old red diamond would invariably end up failing. Hard to place real-world physics on that. Unless it just peters out. If you’ve not seen the lower case c0da stuff, you really should; the artists on them deserve some recognition and a wider audience. On the stylistic difference between in-game MK works and Obscure Texts (07/14/14). from first dreamer-- wakes up. The Amaranth is a state that lies beyond all existence and the means to create a brand new universe; it was designed to present the natural "end-point" of the Elder Scrolls mythology. Pelinal was and is an insane collective swarmfoam war-fractal from the future, you betcha. Follow. Despite no longer working for Bethesda, he still writes various unlicensed texts that can be found on The Imperial Library. On the plausibility of Mankar Camoran's claims: Also in all fairness, there's enough evidence to support the Mankar's claims that I was happy that it went in. (05/01/2012). Oops. Is he 'canon'? Il remporté de nombreux prix et il est membre du prestigieux New English Art Club, affilié à la Federation of British Artists. The novel focuses on the end of the world, and rather than this resulting in the next Aurbic kalpa, the kalpic cycle also comes to an end.The setting for the novel is a science-fantasy evolution of the moon Masser, to which inhabitants of Nirn fled after an apocalyptic event called the Landfall. - page 2 - Topic [Spoil] Le Lore du 15-01-2013 21:59:05 sur les forums de I added the "Giant Feathered Flu Tyrants" bit, which, like of course... but you'll see. 2) M'Aiq, don't forget the hypnogogic part spun along the nature of Tamriel with an admixture of the love of parenthood that would follow. Those who know it can reshape the land. In fact, it has more to do with widening the scope of what those concepts and beings are to the people that live outside their realms. Not the "power"-- the cherishing. The infamous “Coronation Edition of the Pocket Guide to the Empire” is the best example of this revisionism gone mad. GrimGrimoire: Thanks so much for doing this AMA, and thanks more so for creating what you've done, unique and amazing lore. The Skaal are animistic, not monotheistic. Another little known fact is that the Imperials often refer to Guars as 'Tigers'. What did Lorkhan do to solidify the plans for the Mundus? We need some restrictions to define our explorations before we go buck wild. Musings on Redguard porcelain armor (circa January 2006). Sometimes to their detriment, sure, but more often a hedged bet to ensure the survival of the current kalpa. The barrens before him distort in the blur of their heat as he climbs the last hill, but his vision is clear. Imagine an ape (Marukh) struggling to say "Tamriel" and you get "Tam! SirronRocks: What, in your opinion, is your favourite bit of lore within The Elder Scrolls, and why? Varanu (edited): Hi MK :) I actually have a question that has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ELDER SCROLLS! It seems strange that the Hist would even need a political party to exercise control since they have control over Argonian minds. During the Oblivion Crisis, the Bosmer were going to call a Wild Hunt to end all Wild Hunts, with every single mer in Valenwood going full monster. Early concept art shows House Hlaalu with gems in their foreheads. Uutak is a world-building projected created by LaJaveyon Saunders (known as IceFireWarden on The Imperial Library, BGSF, Elder Scrolls Wiki, UESP, and /r/teslore) and approved by Michael Kirkbride to make the obscure island of Yneslea more interesting in the Elder Scrolls Universe. Why are the small female Betty Netches more powerful than the larger, male Bull netches? And something pretty close to the famous theft of a famous thing. What was the cause of their war? That said: Is there anything you wish you could've gone back and changed in Morrowind? They begin to see the diamond in their minds and are overjoyed. Who is Michael Kirkbride, and why does he matter so much? Is Leki the Yokudan version of Meridia? Just wanna say because I never think I did, the whole "it was all just a dream" avenue is completely missing the point.
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