I bought my RX100 in 2012 and eventually gave up on ever getting any firmware updates. That's the problem. That is not its strength. If they put a Fiat engine in a Hummer and charged BMW 7 money the owners would probably use a Canon 5DS to take pics of it.. ;), the 3 year old canon 6d ff and 3y/o d600/d610 with small primes are a much better option. I only have two fingers with firm grip on A7R II - very bad for holding camera with larger lenses (and you have to hold it with one hand when you operate other equipment or just to get into the menu or move obstacles).2) RX1R II. Exposure X6 is the latest Adobe Lightroom competitor from Exposure Software. The Nikon Z7 II has the same great ergonomics as its predecessor, but has more processing power, dual card slots, 4K/60p video, improved autofocus and more. Primitivelamps,I am sorry for your experiences that unfortunately mean that you were unlucky to not experience anything better if you claim bad version and perfect camera.If it is just bad version then every reviewer has got a bad one including dpreview as can be seen from studio comparison tool. Which in my opinion is a stupid thing to complain about because you new the size of the battery before you bought it. I've seen little evidence of this. People knock Leica for their prices, but there isn't a single competing camera on the market with features like this. A marketing deception Sony line's of FF cameras suffer from, which seriously affects theoretical optimal performance of used components. The Ricoh's are still by far the best street cameras I've ever used and I've tried most of them. Wow, this is an expensive point and shoot. Despite some tough competition from Canon's excellent EOS R5, Sony's a7R IV remains at the top of the pack in our 'best camera for landscape photography' buying guide. The point about using a tripod, puts focus on a very real issue about this camera: The reason you get a camera this small is to avoid bulk. Sticking to what they do best will continue to benefit them. Of course that doesn't address the limitations of a $3300 fixed lens camera compared to the A7Rii. Photo by Barney Britton; ISO 125, 1/125 sec, F8, Photo by Barney Britton; ISO 100, 1/2000 sec, F2, The combination of accurate autofocus, a tilting screen and a leaf shutter make the RX1R II an excellent choice for low-profile shooting. So many things said and you still don't admit that's just about your peculiar (and unflexible) style of doing the thing... not representing street photography in general.Of course electronic shutter has the sensor readout time (which creates the "distortion" you're talking about). For RX1R II that would mean smaller resolution but the same sensor technology (should help low light as well). I hate this kind of sensor, they always look dull, really dull, no sparkle at all, why is that? Dust particles are really small, and manage to sneak into everything... Wouldn't dust on a small, high pixel density sensor cause the loss of more pixels than a large lower pixel density sensor. The Leica Q has image stabilization, but it's disabled by default because it might negatively impact sharpness. If you can live with the 35mm lens limitation and have enough expendable funds to afford the price for what is in reality a second camera then go for it. The Sony Cyber-shot RX1R II is the world's smallest full-frame camera, featuring a 42MP sensor, fixed ZEISS 35mm F2 lens, pop-up electronic viewfinder and excellent autofocus system. Photo by Carey Rose; ISO 800, 1/125 sec, F4, If you're a fan of lens flare, you're in luck. Ten eerste is de beeldkwaliteit met een grote sensor veel hoger. Image cropped slightly to taste, uncropped image available in sample gallery. Not so easy. :DKG, same here. As for your brilliant statement about using different lenses on the A7R ii . "If only Sony had made the battery door removable, allowing for a small external grip to improve ergonomics as well as accompany a larger battery. Like 7RII vs RX1RII vs RX100IV. More sharp keepers than I ever would have expected. text in color palletes) in studio comparison too to see how bad it is as center looks closer to A7R II than corners. Congress finally passes CASE to allow copyright holders to make small claims without resorting to costly legal processes via federal courts. I do believe though that the Leica Q has Wifi and NFC, in the specs comparison it says just wifi. Since you like to quote DXO so much I will leave you with this. The Q is a dream. Does anyone else worry about sensor dust? No IBIS, exorbitant pricing and lack of updating the 35/2 to something even marginally faster headline my disinterest. Find out which cameras and lenses topped the list! Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1R II Review. Everything I said was referenced to me. Photo by Carey Rose; ISO 640, 1/125 sec, F11, Full-frame IQ that (almost) fits in your pocket, 42MP BSI CMOS sensor with excellent detail, dynamic range, noise performance, Uncompressed Raw option for maximum quality, Thumb grip is expensive and necessary for secure holding, Sluggish performance when reviewing images. A lot of it depends on the processing. Mhmm.. In fact, lets backtrack a little because the review of the RX1-R was already the same anguish.. 42MP is a lot of sensor, so your technique has to be good and with that, shooting from the hip, one handed is probably why this doesn't work for me. Best one can do to exploit sensor resolution is to use Canon FE-mount lenses via an adapter. also buys you some of the same issues from the RX1R II's predecessors. It features the same 42-Mpix full-frame CMOS sensor as the Sony A7R II, paired with the familiar Zeiss 35mm f2.0 … It's overpriced.Sorry, my comment was not clear enough. That isn't to say that it doesn't feel well-built - it's lightweight, but feels dense, and the metal body has a high degree of fit and finish. The gap in performance between Canon's and Sony's sensors is in no way comparable to the abomination that is Sony's menu system. 1) putting long lenses on the a7R range is simply missing the point of the cameras IMHO. The general consensus is that their menu system has too many confusing, poorly labeled, and poorly organized settings and options, the entire system is annoyingly laggy, and they can't even be bothered to include a touchscreen to help mitigate these issues. I am sorry you did not see any better in this life yet. The a7r mk1&2 are bigger, the combo of this lens and this RX1Rii body is supposed to be a perfect combo. That's too much of a PITA for me though... @EvilTed.. Do you have Parkinson or something like that? The viewfinder's also received an upgrade, the battery can be charged over USB, and the body remains weather-sealed. You can specify the ISO range and a minimum shutter speed. The Sony Cyber-shot RX1R II is the latest in the company's line of compact, fixed-lens full-frame digital cameras. Funny didn't read anything about "poor optics". Though it doesn't output 4K, the full HD capture is detailed and sharp, and the electronic stabilization works pretty well. If you are paying $3300 for this, then you can definitely add $249 for the TGA-1 thumb grip. Would be awesome if DPR could provide some sort of a clarification on this.. lets not keep our hopes to high though, haha:). The point being that Sony do not consider the shutter on the a7R to be good enough to give it a year's warranty, which you'd normally expect. Why do you say that ?I bought one (second hand) to have a super 35mm lens in front of a super 42 MPix sensor all this in a nearly pocketable camera. Dylthedog, do you seriously believe that optical resolution will improve with non-flat scene? or even the existing 16mp sensor from the current D4 / DF (not a Sony, though) in this camera and I'd be all over it. RX1RII has electronic image stabilization for videos only. Sony Cyber-shot RX1R: Screen. Maybe I have missed something in the review text or switch on the tool - apologies if I have. Obviously it all depends on what you call fast. Still, its a brutally expensive camera with a cheap buttons and average handling. I think I got it.But it's important to clarify that it's not the ideal street camera for the way YOU shoot. Understood now your fallacy in DXO quotation? Simply daft. I generally prefer mechanical controls, and would like them to stick around as well. It promises absolutely excellent image quality in a package that fits into your coat pocket, but so-so handling, large file sizes, a clunky user interface and short battery life will turn off some users. It sucked. For that reason it negates the $1000 premium you are putting on the lens. Not for everyone. No stress at all! Real-world testing has shown that lens sharpness is good to excellent across the frame, even wide open, and field curvature is rarely a major issue in everyday use. It means that the corners in the test scene are not unsharp because the lens is soft. A camera designed to check all the right boxes with little regard for the photographer's needs and wants. I was surprised as anyone when I found that. It will now make it easier for travelers to legally fly. Still waiting on he car though ... Nissan actually put a GTR engine inside of a Juke, not quite your Hemi in a Fiat but close enough. But a smartphone does, just like your $1000 (!) After reading about this camera’s poor battery life, slow startup and buffering times, poor AF in dim light, poor ergonomics, and frustratingly convoluted menu system, I wouldn’t consider it such a no-brainer - particularly given its outlandish price. Coulda, woulda, shoulda...". It looks like optical resolution of the lens on RX1R II is may be only 15-20 megapixels. The RX1Rii might be great for 4'x6' prints but how many of us do that? RMGoodLight,1) What you present is just another angle of poor quality optics. Go shoot. The RX1R II inherits the ZEISS 35mm F2 lens from its predecessors, and this is largely a good thing. Have a nice day. Like Olympus' OM-D line of cameras, we recommend taking some time to figure out exactly how you want to use the camera to achieve an optimal set up, and then leaving it that way. =). This is just a stupid statement. The battery doesn’t last long. Better option for who and for what? I don't know how you came to deduce poor optics for this camera. Dylthedog,If I am to pay the consequences of 42 megapixels I at least want to have the full benefits (this is wrt pixel pipping). Con you shoot sports with this camera? It's hard to imagine the RX1R II as a main video camera, but it would function rather well as a B-Roll-focused addition to an established video system as long as you don't need 4K. And if that weren't an option, I'd be looking at Fuji. Oh wait, you don't own one so you should not be sharing your opinion on it. Ex-Microsoft CEO killing all lines of product and selling out to Microsoft with shaky and unproven mobile OS had nothing to do with Nokia downfall, nothing at all. Not many are able to figure how that plays into their intended uses (the crop potential, the lack a need for a larger tripod or pano rig, good light hand-held pano technique, or even no support at all for dark objectives - all too confusing to contemplate). When you look at that way, just compare it all the other 42MP BSI full-frame camera bodies that fit into a jacket pocket that you can find on the market for $2000. 42.4-effective-megapixel, 35 mm full-frame Exmor R® CMOS sensor, 399 focal plane phase-detection-point AF performance, retractable XGA OLED Tru-Finder™, optical variable low-pass filter and other features. (apparently many people here only understand things if we explain in the most literal way).I'm not even that experienced and I can still shoot many kinds of photographs with DSLR, mirrorless, compacts, phones, film, pinhole..But now it's clear that you're unable to adapt your style. Hopefully they have sealed the lens really good. It is NOT a replacement of or alternative to any Leica camera. I fix them and resell them, they are almost always defective, they were all unreliable. Download some Raws and see what you can do with them. I had the chance to try out the Sony RX1R II last week while I was in New York. The image quality is excellent. For their A Mount cameras with non removable battery doors Sony offers battery grips with a slot where the open door fits. If you look at raw in the studio comparison you will see that EVEN THE VERY CENTER is not as sharp on RX1R II as on A7R II. Can you shoot macro? If I look at the dog in full resolution it looks like a bad ISO400 film back in the nineties. You are the only one claiming there are "poor optics" in this camera. Sony does not have a in house repair center in the US. 1. Hardly the most important aspect of a camera, especially considering things like battery life are in the same list. Those who demand ultimate image quality wherever they go, and appreciate a solid camera with lots of external controls. That’s a lovely shot. In such a tiny body you can't have a power supply for 1000 and more shoots like in a EOS - DSLR. I've found that on very cold days, after the battery says it's exhausted, taking the batter out and holding it in my hand for a while to warm up lets me get a few more shots. Answer is obvious: heat issue, weak battery issue, crippled design issue. So as for the leaf shutter impact over traditional DSLRs - I'm impressed. If you expect to do a lot of manual focusing, you'll probably have to look to Leica. It doesn't have to fill need for you. Read more, As far as advanced fixed-lens compacts go, it doesn't get much more enticing than the Sony RX1R II. Can confirm: RX1RII is a terrible manual focus experience. For more opinions on this you can look here: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3968039. It weighs less than 500 grams and is built like a tank, the lens is gorgeous, it has every function and mode of an A7R ii bar the interchangeable lenses, but that is also its appeal. But then, so do 99% of digital cameras sold today. Absolutely. You better face reality than stay blind. I don't get what's the problem with yours. So often DPR makes claims that are untrue. This revised output has been greatly improved in terms of both color and noise reduction, while still retaining impressive levels of detail even in low contrast areas. In this buying guide we've rounded-up several great cameras for travel and recommended the best. But there’s still only one 'world’s smallest full-frame digital camera.' In a move that has arguably been more than a decade in the making, Adobe has ended its support for Flash, which it first acquired when it bought Macromedia in 2005. If it were deigned as it should be done, properly, then people would suddenly wake up from hallucinations of the mirrorless smokehouse. That's the magic of a free market. I think infracompact. I have an RX1R & can certainly avow that the Carl Zeiss 35mm f:/2.0 lens is an amazing piece of sharp glass. I am not 100% sure, but is A7R is using a regular shutter, whereas RX1RII is using in-lens leaf-shutter? If you go that route, buy the extra grip? The image looks as soft as the image on A7R II with 24-70 F4 lens that has optical resolution of 15 megapixels as measured by DXO. I agree it's terrible though. Not because of its lack of sharpness wide open, but because of its imprecise focus-by-wire design. Everybody gets what the want. The RX1R II's sensor, being shared with the Sony a7R II, is a known quantity. http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/rx1r-ii-review/8. The new images shed light on how the canyon formed and help better our understanding of Mars. Anyway you dont have any real world comparisons and i dont know why. They are not impressed with the lens quality as they should be for the price, it being a fixed lens and all, meaning that there's not a whole lot to be done about it - for the money you'd have hoped for a (better) quality of lens. That is a few pixels wide on 42 megapixel sensor. The prevailing wisdom is that what was missing was the X100F's higher voltage battery which allowed for greater torque in the AF motor. Did you try larger apertures? Tiny body, 35mm lens. As far back as glass plates or sheet film, there's always been a market for high-end, fixed-lens compact cameras. Because most of street photographers would have no problems to be in movement most of time BUT also try be be somehow steady (just enough) for one or two seconds in the moment of each click. Researchers at the University of Arizona have used NASA's HiRISE camera, which is onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, to capture high-resolution images of the Valles Marineris canyon on Mars. If you need a tripod, what's the point? The problem with A7R II is that its fallacies only start with lens availability and cover many other aspect of a camera system.It will yet take Sony years to catch up with the competition though Sony is clearly moving in that direction but does not yet seem to get it right. The Sony Cyber-shot RX1R began shipping in the U.S. market in July 2013, ... Nikon Z7 II First Shots Canon 1DX Mark III Preview Top Sony Cameras. The RX!Rii is marketed toward different people. Below compact size, or above compact size? iPhones look like watercolour at 100%, even in good light. So why use 42 megapixels sensor if the camera due to poor quality optics will never be able to use them?!! All buttons are customizable and there is a customizable function menu. While competition has plenty of lenses that are of equal or higher resolution than the best of Sony. Als je met een fullframe sensor fotografeert kun je bij volle opening gebruikmaken van een mooie 'bokeh'. I have no problem with the battery life, take 2 or 3 more with you, and all is fine. Sony's quality control must be really awful if every reviewer except you gets a bad one! Couple that with Eye-AF and face detection that both work beautifully, as well as little to no hunting in low light due to the decisiveness of phase detection, and the RX1R II is a pretty powerful package. The real problem is Sony doesn't offer such a grip for this camera. In the end, the price you pay for portability shows up in the RX1R II's ergonomics. Thank you RX1R2... " it seems that even for $249, you can't really get what you want or what you need. Fujifilm's GF 63mm F2.8 R WR was the first lens to come out for the medium format GFX system, but we've slapped it on a GFX 100 to see how it stands up to 100MP of resolution. I personally find touch screens annoying, a joy stick control maybe, but that also might get in the way. Sony RX1R II Hands-on Review. OK, so they have the best quality image sensors. :-). The thumb grip makes the camera comfortable to hold, but it’s expensive and gets in the way of some vital controls. If you truly needed and wanted full-frame image quality (or something approaching it) in a compact form factor and liked a fixed lens, then there it was. The back screen is too soft and scratches far too easily. Sure, it gives you the option to control myriad functions and settings, but doing so is so unintuitive and inefficient that I suspect most RX1R II owners rarely take advantage of all that control. Add the economic Sony 28mm f2, an excellent lens which is also very small...Or, if as Ray Sachs suggests, 24 mp is enough, then the A7ii with the 28mm f2; both have IBIS for hand held shooting; or, if you want half frame, the A6000 (now $500) plus the sony 28, even smaller (but no IS with this lens.). It's a unique camera, but it doesn't make it right. Before I got this camera the lack of IS was a real worry. @Camley, yes I think it would be more troubling in a smaller sensor, but a larger sensor has more area to catch dust. Building upon its GPT-3 language model, OpenAI's new AI creation, DALL-E, can create images of anything you can describe with varying levels of success. For A7R II that means larger camera with full grip. Seems like a pretty major flaw? Can't help but the picture of the man and the dog (which is nice by the way) is totally noisy @ISO 125. I guess you are happy with your rx 100. others won't be. Was there some improvements I missed. I am not a glue sniffer. It was small, but weighed ton. I would gladly trade the RX1 for a nice Wide Rolleiflex with the fixed 55mm Distagon and a gallon of D76. This way everyone will know what camera to buy according to their needs. The leaf shutter in the lens means you won't have to deal with vibration-inducing shutter shock (and you get insane flash sync speeds), but you better watch your shutter speed if you want to get the most of your 42 million pixels. The good news is that for most purposes, you'll be fine shooting in compressed Raw mode with somewhat more manageable ~40MB file sizes. The on-sensor PDAF system with face detection is excellent at accurately and smoothly tracking faces in video capture without hunting, and you can even plug in a microphone (but without a headphone port, you can't monitor it). Personally, I've stayed away from most tiny things, but just the other day, I sent my vintage Sony Walkman(CD player) from the 1980's to the thrift store. The boat was bouncing around, and if I'm honest every time I poked around the canopy to shoot the wind buffeted me too, the cold didn't help either. Natuurlijk kun je ook een minicompact inzetten, maar dan mis je twee belangrijke dingen. To call the optics of the Zeiss Sonnar poor is not knowing what you are talking about, I'm afraid. The Powershot Zoom can't compete with pro cameras for image quality, though it sure does fit in your pocket. Or a monopod hiking stick. Unfortunately I discovered this right after my camera died, so I never got to try it. It's noticeably slower (and noisier) than say the 35mm F2.8 on the A7r II but at least it doesn't close down the IRIS in APS-C mode, like both the A6300 and A7r II do.The MF experience is bad. Wow, I need to look at the menus again :-). In more dynamic situations, the fiddly buttons, dials, and menus would drive me crazy and cause me to miss a lot of opportunities. First of all do you even own the RX!Rii? You have to rig it up like with a RRS BRX1 and a good tripod etc etc. The RX1R II extends the RX lineup of palm-sized compact cameras delivering extraordinary image quality and convenient operation with back-illuminated, approx. And that’s when I think one should factor in the cameras’ other qualities which impact usability (battery life, ergonomics, etc.). Sony is behind the competition on this front and we are yet to see if G Master line up will or will not finally catch up with the competition. That image was created for my (non-review) 'Gear of the Year' article last year. Historically, fixed lens cameras (be they folders, rangefinders, or SLRs) have always been less expensive, not more. For us, a good part of the appeal of a carry-everywhere camera starts to wane when you must fill your pockets with spare batteries to get through a weekend's worth of shooting (not to mention 'battery anxiety' when you see a bar drop). Battery life certainly is not great, but, the dimensions of the camera are so right, who cares: especially as the replacements are not expensive (I carry 5 on me for all possibilities covered for). F8? is that the case on this or even other similar Sony products? I reckon it is poor quality optics on RX1R II as that is what is different. In good light, the pixel level resolution of a DNG from a 16MP LG G4 is just as good as the 20MP output from a RX100. The worst someone can really complain about is the battery life. Infra means 'below'. If it doesn't cut it hand held, it doesn't cut it period. It has the same sensor as A7R II but very poor optics. The. "While the two models adopt equally impressive lenses. How is this not discussed at all in the review? That is checked by measurements. Chris and Jordan tell us why it's a solid choice for many shooters. Would have expected a lot more from the cam... the trees in the background aren't good eighter. Bekijk en vergelijk alternatieven voor de Sony Cyber-shot RX1R II Zwart. I brought an Rx1rII some weeks ago, and though I don't use it as much as A7rII, I've taken hundreds of photos with it, including with one hand. But the fun isn't over yet - now is your chance to vote on the winners and runners-up from each of the four categories, to determine the readers' choice award for best overall product of 2015 - click through to vote, Recently, the streets of Seattle were filled with revelers dressed as Santa Claus drunk on (at the very least) plenty of holiday cheer. On the other hand, the old Teac decks almost always work fine, possibly needing a belt or two. Not that I would want to manually focus often, but still - not great. What's the best camera for travel? BlinkAI's patented AI-powered image enhancement technology works alongside the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC inside the Mi 11 smartphone to get the most out of low-light video footage. When you do a gallery of shots, I think they should be mostly hand held. The in focus area is not flat but shaped like an umbrella with the center as the middle. In C-AF, it seems as though the camera bypasses CDAF, utilizing only PDAF (therefore, only distance information and scene analysis) to jump almost instantaneously to the point of focus, without hunting past it for CDAF confirmation as S-AF tends to. I can't see how it can't. Read more. NO. You have come to the conclusion that all RX!R ii cameras have bad optics even though you don't even own the camera yourself! And because the engineering challenges are steep and the market is relatively small, they've always commanded a price premium over mass-market point-and-shoot and SLR cameras. (apparently many people here only understand things if we explain in the most literal way).".. So your words about Sony's class leading lens are frankly laughable. Sketch242 Since my RX100, also purchased in 2012, still works perfectly I am interested in that upgrade. Please let me know where this adjustment can be found. We've combed through the options and selected our two favorite cameras in this class. Excellent lens. But having just a 35mm lens is a bit restrictive for landscape use. New or older version. I just bought a FF camera with a 42mp sensor and see that the IQ is so good that I no longer feel FF is overkill. Or see it as a chance to up your game. Is it a good fit for you? Check out the photos they took along the way and judge the image quality for yourself! Storage space can be solved by losslessly compressing the Raws, that actually makes the 42MP files smaller than uncompressed Raws from a 24MP sensor. DXO uses different metrics for lenses (sharpness, distortion, vignetting, transmission, chromatic aberration) and in fact DXO Mark has not tested the lens of RX1R II at all. If Chrysler put a hemi engine in a Fiat body and still charged the Challenger price, the owners of that car would likely want the RX1R-II to take pictures of it. En uiteraard het verschil in scherptediepte. However, as the year drew to a close Sony surprised us with the Cyber-shot DSC-RX1R II – a replacement for the RX1R. This is a miniature MF class camera what you use to make large prints. ", "The new RX1R II achieved an excellent DxOMark score of 97 points, with individual scores of 25.8 bits for color sensitivity, a wide 13.9 EVs dynamic range at base ISO (albeit slightly lower at base than the best tested), and a very good low-light ISO score of 3204 ISO." Sony's roots lie in making small products, and that has served them well. I feel that listing them as 'con' will slowly help pressure camera manufacturers to adopt them wholesale. Because if this camera is 'ultracompact', then what should RX100 ( which is much smaller camera) then be? While I'd hope that their products will be reliable, I have yet to see it happen, their current products are throw-away items, they are too expensive to repair, or parts are not available. It has hard stops, a limited turn radius, a finger tab to approximate a focus distance setting without so much as glancing at the camera or lens, and responds so quickly to user input that you'd swear it was mechanical. It will be nice to see a comparison between RX1R and RX1R2, side by side, in real world, with some crops, to see the difference. lol (i'm impressed how you love that word). I've done this a few times with A7s (the fist one, which has no IBIS) and the 55mm 1.8: at the night, wide apertures (harder to get the focus right) and speeds between 1/125 and 1/250 and the number of "not-sharp" images were less than 10%. "Is there any issue with the camera that you feel requires a firmware update?". The AF of the Q is also faster and the 24 MP is more suited to run and gun street work than the Sony.Also, the Q has an electronic shutter that kicks in giving much higher shutter speeds than the Sony, which is limited to 1/4000s. The RX1R II also includes the world's first variable optical low-pass filter (OLPF) for moiré reduction. $3300 for a fixed lens camera is something I could never justify. High resolution, weather-sealed bodies and wide dynamic range are all important. If I had to base my image quality decisions based on whichever camera manufacturer had the best JPEGs, I would be a very sad person. It is razor sharp on the 42.4 megapixel sensor! If you were an attentive reader you would have seen above that I have A7R II that is better than RX1R II. I use it in "real world" shooting, without any trouble, just like I used to do with my old M5 : two hands and eye in the viewer. While the lack of any real protruding grip does make the design tidier, it means the camera rarely feels secure in a hand while out shooting. So your argument that it is all down to field curvature breaks on its head - sorry but you touched on the wrong angle to prove that optics are not as bad as they are.Jpeg clearly applies some sharpening as it is sharper than raw.

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