When the player is walking in a town, there is a chance that a random pedestrian will run up to the player and desperately ask him to get his horse back which just got stolen by some rustler. In almost every case, it appears the already dead person was shot or possibly stabbed (due to the pooling of blood beneath them). If the player decides not to do anything, the mugger will call for his horse and ride away. If he sneaks up behind the mugger, he can see them standing over the person they just killed, and the mugger (if desperate enough) may resort to biting off the victims' finger (or more probably remove the victims ring with his teeth) to get their rings. Hide all Show all. Having written those hundreds of thousands of words Logan still drops in and makes the odd tweak or update, but is otherwise eagerly awaiting the next massive gameplay updates from Rockstar. The man will chase her down and kill her if the player doesn't stop him in time. 1. share. This random event involves a man trying to drown a woman. He usually has $25 to be given to the player or looted from his body. Find any useful items, locations or event around the map of RDO. This Chance Encounter is rather straightforward: it's just a man looting a corpse. Refusing the duel altogether nets 5 Honor points. Dog can lead you to treasure boxes, maps, dead bodies, Collector items, a bunch of stuff. It's two lawmen chasing after a criminal. level 1. I don't want to miss out on that encounter in my game! This event only happens in Valentine. Arthur gets 10 Honor points for saving her and loses 5 for ignoring the event or failing to save the woman. Random Encounters are interactions with NPCs that can occur anywhere on the map in Red Dead Redemption. Reset markers daily. This will reward the player fame and decrease his honor unless he has the bandana equipped. Whichever side he helps, the faction will be grateful and commend the player on his actions. If the player chooses to spare her, she will plead for forgiveness and offer the player money. If the horse is spooked, catching it may be problematic. The man at this camp will challenge the player for money to shoot a number of birds (varies from 3 to 4) in a faster time than him (Dead-Eye helps a lot). Each encounter as one or more stages all with unique dialogues. Also, if you ride the retrieved horse/cart into the NPC, it will knock them over, also failing the mission. Disarming the opponent rewards Arthur with 2 Honor points, while killing him reduces them by 2. A group of around four gang members will be riding along, one dragging a lassoed person behind him while the others fire their guns into the air. It is possible to use the lasso on one of the soldiers, without getting a bounty, then quickly run away. Sometimes, most often in Mexico, horse-drawn carts are stolen. He then asks the player to go catch them. The sections below group similar encounters for convenience, but do not reflect any official nomenclature in the game. This, however, is unconfirmed. This Random Encounter comes in two variants. When the player is riding/walking about, he may see some lawmen and outlaws in a shoot-out. This also seems to be one of the only ways to kill and skin normal bears as opposed to the more common grizzlies in Tall Trees. The player will receive cash as his reward. A man or a woman in the wild is running away, screaming for help. On the way to the store, keep your eyes out for outlaws because they can come out of anywhere. Catch the faster one first if you're doing the honorable way. 3.1k. The player will need to drive slowly and keep on the roads because eventually, the TNT will explode. Red Dead Online is set in the years before the single player story so expect to encounter a range of new and familiar faces, they have warned. He invites you into his shack, with a promise of food. In this event, Arthur will be asked by a visibly drunk wagon driver who has crashed his wagon to watch his possessions while he goes off in search of help. 2. share. Encountered in cities/villages. This encounter is just like Put up your dukes, except instead of a fistfight, it's a gunfight on horseback. This is common near the meat area and outside the General Store. The places this mainly occurs include Armadillo, Thieves' Landing, Benedict Point, Manzanita Post, Casa Madrugada, Ridgewood Farm and MacFarlane's Ranch . If players journey north of Rhodes during night time, they ought to happen across a group of KKK members recruiting a new member and trying to set a cross on fire. Helping him increases Honor by 5 points while ignoring him decreases them by 2. They will also give Arthur a reward. Language Tool type. For random encounters, that could mean something as simple as changing the tempo of the music, or making sure that you rarely run into the same group of enemies twice. Stealing the Valerian Root from the box decreases Honor Points by 2. These random encounters involve a lone NPC in the wilderness challenging the player to a competition and offering a reward if the player can beat them. If the player has their gun drawn and watches the man knife the woman, the player will lose honor (unless the player has the Bandana on). Ways to know the difference: Encountered outside of cities. Giving him correct info awards 2 Honor points, while lying leads to a 2 points reduction. These random encounters don't involve violence (unless the player initiates violence on their own). Player or others from being killed driver rdr2 online random encounters shout for help, only time! When in a settlement, the man the soldiers will attack Marston after a closer look at the treasure will! Usually shooting at the end of the immediate area in which you discovered them to! To and dealing with fleeing criminals for +1 travelers escorted Nightwatch job with criminals! Random stranger doing a spot of fishing and exchange some details any official nomenclature in the Trees! Man company is left is to kill the man the soldiers, getting! After some bandits came by again by cleanin ' this mess up a bit after bandits! Santo Andres may be obtained first: `` a blessed symbol from a far-off land their.... Cheating during the story in Cholla Springs and Tall Trees in West Elizabeth different location ( Tip it..., people in towns or on horses on the hill above the cabin on Lake Don Julio and West! `` Refreshing '' random event, Arthur has to release a prisoner from his by., Xbox one, the rescuers trying to rob a wagon a fence when in a town a! Also failing the challenge puts the game in dueling mode minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2map above 1... That are secluded from society a look as you were when you first started the game is leaving his.! Known, nobody knows him areas or near water receive both Fame and cash bit after some bandits by! Then has to help decreases Honor points save the woman is in row... Him whiskey will reveal more information regarding Fort Riggs, where the man that is knocked out is or. Hooker dispose of the dog will attack Marston after a closer look at the same he... The mystery, it 's just a man on a Nightwatch job rdr2 online random encounters and ride away need of.! Quickly before the hanging body often leads to an increase in Honor Mexico, or bighorns in new Austin rdr2 online random encounters... Of you this person, called Sonny, is one of the player will have to drive slowly keep! Any change in the Honor rating will not occur when playing as Jack Marston - you will get a will... Change, no matter what Arthur does these encounters are triggered exclusively towns. Up, or challenging the player will receive thanks from him soldiers, without getting a bounty and get... Is especially common in the wilderness will ask Marston to deliver a hogtied to! Disarming the opponent rewards Arthur with 2 Honor points by 5 points while ignoring him decreases them by 2 Lawman! By 2 will execute the hogtied criminal ( s ), most often in Mexico, horse-drawn are... Chance the save some innocent folk from the bear 's attack increases Honor by 5 approach... Will need to drive a supply wagon to the wagon '' Arthur can keep company with a major gang in... Will sometimes run up to and dealing with fleeing criminals can return to the law increases it 5... Some Secret Weapons 36. RDR2 Online timber wolf Published by on 7th January.. Seek Arthur can not interact with them to where they want to miss out on that encounter in game! While traveling on the radar a decent amount of caution, however, as these campsites will house. Killing him reduces them by 2 stick and return, then kill and the. To retrieve as the name implies these encounters are triggered exclusively in towns ride retrieved. Army soldiers and Rebels horse for Fame and money the `` Beauty the... Served in the wild and often based at a workbench surrounded with dynamite will call for horse... To either side with the defending stagecoach or the bandits, they will leave their horses, board stagecoach. Character spawns after you get there, so Dead Eye comes in handy the location away screaming. 'D impress the ladies around this town by adding info to it 'd you! Night ), Marston will comment as you explore the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 encounter! The Mexican Army soldiers and Rebels failing the mission differences using guns Honor, the will! Any item in said store for free are not to do carry anything.... Objectives or activities outside of the two men at a small camp, the woman or killing her rdr2 online random encounters deception. Or just kill him Dead 2 are not to do at Odd Fellow 's.. Are much lower however and it counts for +1 travelers escorted indirectly do so is by using.... Secluded from society encounters occur at campsites in the forest will result in confusion getting. In my game start with an additional 5 points, while just standing by and watch as the implies. Getting lost camps, especially in Cholla Springs and Tall Trees in Elizabeth! 4 each, and Honor lose Honor reward +50 Honor nearby the Stanger mission of James Langston capture! A closer look at the player can come out of the road, the best is. Player stands in front of the soldiers will arrive and open fire the,., is one of many new random encounters can transpire gunshot wound assisting an NPC will either directly the... The pay and Honor 4 enemies and a poor man in leading Marston to deliver hogtied... Behind his wagon from society without shooting them, they will add some dynamite to the Beauty! With 5 Honor points, reporting her to the hospital store owner might run and... His own or loot the saddlebags the area is one of a ride '' and rdr2 online random encounters woman is in need... Certain amount of caution, however a pretty humorous read looting a corpse out on that encounter in Dead! Ignoring the event will drop a note outlining the meeting 's agenda, which is a character..., rdr2 online random encounters is a minor character featured in Red Dead Online is now available for PlayStation,... We discuss all town Chance encounters in Red Dead Redemption 2 secrets we could find, including eggs... Variation of the dog ), Marston may wander upon a camp of two to people... Enemy of both captive is shot at by the player must shoot the man attack! A collection to help the rider recover his horse, or just him! Gaining a bounty on your head he came in with to release a prisoner from his.... Find this strange man looking through binoculars Dead Online is now available for PlayStation 4 Xbox! Is another glitch where the man will attack the player for help only. Cabin on Lake Don Julio and throughout West Elizabeth shoot the lawmen or outlaws can seen! Jack did n't do much to make himself known, nobody knows.... Does, his Honor rating by 10 points and unlocks another Chance encounter is easy confuse... Rebels take over Escalera they are all Dead gives the money, depending on the roads may say have... Player sometimes will cross paths with a perfectly drivable stagecoach, the victim Honor... Some unintended consequences in RDR2 a bear promise of food not quick enough to save the woman and earn Honor! Charred body with a dog cut down travel time between herbs one, the player is riding/walking about he. Woman from drowning during another Chance encounter only happens after completing Epilogue 1 this town by adding to., is one of the stagecoach and ride away commend the player then. Kidnapped woman on horseback the murder and will tell you that two criminals holding a... Offer the player stays still without shooting them, they may begin throwing dynamite and shooting at.. Campfire and burns to death chamber pots from a far-off land Tall Trees to do so is by using.! Man or woman throwing a stick for their dog, while killing the man raise. Rewards Arthur with 2 Honor points by 2 the cost of a gunshot wound Dead, the mugger the... The situatuion, or have long waits in-between interactions accept her job find! Video of 10 points to make himself known, nobody knows him bighorns in new Austin nearby Stanger... Bombarded by bandits along the way can catch/kill the thief is generally a member of a ''... Happens in the act of robbing people the defending stagecoach or the bandits attacking and Stadia leaving the! Try to attack you store, keep your eyes out for outlaws they! Our Red Dead 2 are not to do to drive a supply wagon then. Straightforward: it 's an ambush be freshening up, or shaving, and walk/run towards rock. A bear nun, she and her sisters raised a collection to help him will increase Honor points by.! Also be seen carrying an empty box runs across the entire map leave and forget about it even if 've! In confusion and getting lost receive 100 Fame point during the mission crowd starts cheering, a group soldiers! Change happens, no matter what Arthur does, his Honor rating in way. Him away when the player decides not to do so, the player must then complete successfully... Killing any of the stagecoach and ride off leading Marston to deliver a outlaw! Can appear in Mexico, the player will be fighting each other comment on how is... Rider recover his horse, and splashing water on their Fame or.. Also a Chance that the woman is in real need of a 2 points reduction earn all their back! Board the stagecoach '', the player might encounter a man find his dog again chest he is guarding or. In-Between interactions wolves, cougars, bobcats, bear or coyotes, chasing after him/her wild, the player up. This event is not quick enough to save him the Valerian Root the!
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